Marot hasulam synagogue

Tel Aviv’s First Synagogue Comes Back to Life

Built in 1890 and lying in ruins for decades, Marot HaSulam sits just down the block from The Brownstone in Neve Tzedek. It was once the neighborhood’s central synagogue, gathering place, and home of renowned Kabbalist the Baal HaSulam.

The Tel Aviv Municipality has allocated the site to The Brownstone, we are in the process of restoring its former beauty and transforming it into a fully operating synagogue, and community Torah center, with classes, Shabbat, and holiday programs.

A Center of jewish life

In the early 20th century, Marot HaSulam was not only a shul, it was the neighborhood’s central gathering place and the center of education in the region. At the synagogue’s peak, there were 20 Torah scrolls, a large library, and an extraordinarily beautiful Torah crown.

Where Israel’s First Chief Rabbi Came to Pray and Study Kabbalah 

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaCohen Kook, first Chief Rabbi of Israel, made his home in Neve Tzedek after coming to the Holy Land, often davening at Marot HaSulam and learning Kabbalah with the Baal HaSulam. It’s in Neve Tzedek that Rav Kook penned his vision for the spiritual and physical reestablishment of a Jewish state while serving as Rabbi of Jaffa and the surrounding area. 

Marot Hasulam, over 100 years ago